DJ Emoticon

Bringing eclectic mixes to your local sound system. Since the 90’s I’ve collected records wherever I’ve lived or traveled and when given the chance, I try to share my findings. Most genres welcomed, dancing definitely allowed. Need good music? Drop me a fax and relax >


Sonorità Italiana (2018)

After a five-month spell in Rome, here are some choice tracks dug up during my time spent there. We're covering a lot of musical bases from cantautori, italo-disco, boogie, synth pop, new wave, experimental pop, HI-NRG, old stuff and new stuff. Spero che vi piace!


National - International Teaser Mix (2016)

Made for Torggata Botaniske and their Norwegian National Holiday Celebration May 17th, 2016.


CAT Team - Team Work (2010)

Team Work is the debut effort by CAT Team, two DJs based in glorious Brooklyn, NYC. A little eclectic mix for y'all, designed to keep your ears tweaked and your curiosity piqued. A collaboration between Ryu Takahashi and DJ Emoticon.


Glemmeboken - Vol. 2: If You Are Ready for the 1980's, DJ Emoticon is Ready to Take You There (2009)

"If You are Ready..." is a collection of mostly new wave music from the 80's. Are there too many bankers and brokers at your party and precious few smiley faces? Drop DJ Emoticon a line and I promise to make it all better.


Glemmeboken - Vol. 1 (2008)

The mixtape series Glemmeboken (roughly translatable to the Book of Rememberance, but actually a lot less pretentious-sounding...) Vol. 1 and onward is an attempt to share rarities I've dug up in one dollar-crates scattered throughout American vinyl stores with a contemporary audience hooked on web 2.0.